2002 Audi A4 Owners Manual

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2002 Audi A4 Owners Manual – For a long time the Audi A4 has been one of the best cars within its school. Completely redesigned for 2002, it will get better still.

Some 90 percent of the A4’s parts are adjusted, there are significant improvements all over the table. The new A4 is the very first deluxe-brand name vehicle with a continuously adjustable automatic transmission supplied as a possibility. The cabin, the stereo, the digital controls and the V6 engine-every little thing is more significant or maybe more potent. Perhaps most beautiful of all, Audi offers to reduce price increases when the 2002 A4 gets to showrooms in October. Count on increments of 3 percentage or a lot less.

Audi’s resurgence as a luxurious brand name has operated concurrently with the A4. This compact sedan has been Audi’s bestseller given that its introduction in 1995. A blend of innovative design, construction, invigorating performance and reasonable pricing made the A4 1 of the most reputed cars in a class that also includes some of the most significant vehicles in the entire world. The re-designed 2002 model has precisely the information needed in the fiercely competing marketplace for small high-end sedans.

2002 Audi A4 Concept and Owners Manual
2002 Audi A4 Concept and Owners Manual

2002 Audi A4 Model and Price

Two A4 vehicles are accessible, notable mainly by their engines: the A4 1.8T ($24,900) with a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-tube engine, and the A4 3.0 ($31,390) with a new 3.0-liter V6.

Recall, the A4 is the entrance-levels car for a luxurious Western manufacturer, so all are equipped efficiently, with a complete match of strength amenities. The standard-products listing will get a lot longer for 2002, incorporating innovative contra–skid electronics (called ESP for electrical steadiness system), two-sector weather conditions manage with charcoal filtering, hidden headlight washers, and a 150-watt, 10-loudspeaker stereo system with six-Compact disc in-dash changer. Standard safety gear contains antilock braking systems, two top airbags that deploy at various costs dependant upon the severeness of an accident, sizeable aspect-impact safety bags, and curtain-type brain protection safety bags on each side of the cabin. Rear side-affect safety bags are optional.

2002 Audi A4 Exterior

The 2002 A4 is formed in the personal Bauhaus type founded by the bigger A6 sedan. It is less angular plus more curvaceous than its forerunner. Its beltline is better, its roofing and part cup longer. From the front lights to the front door deals with to the rear bumper, the flush is the theme.

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Tiny chrome or other adornments detract from the A4’s basic form-not an antenna. (Antennae for the fm radio, telematics and menu methods are inlayed into the rear glass.) The A4 usually takes styling cues from the two the TT roadster and A6, which includes a lot more prominent stainless-cut grille and notched-in flush taillights. To put it briefly, it is a specifically good looking car. Grievances? The new A4 may be a lot of the tiny A6, and never unique sufficient it its own proper.

2002 Audi A4 Interior

The A4’s slick change includes more compact, shaped aspect mirrors. They may be a lot more elegant or sleek, but from the driver’s seat, they provide a smaller sized looking at the range. We might give up the look for broader insurance coverage

This is a continuation of a compact sedan, nevertheless, the new design helps make great use of the floor space. Each interior aspect is greater, but it is most obvious in the again seat, where taller passengers will discover a much more space to extend their legs. There’s room in again for 3, with about three-stage harness at all positions, but average-sized adults will truly feel very much at ease with only two. The entrance seats get used to catering to folks the six-ft ., 5 various-inch range, and the view out is virtually clear in each and every direction.

2002 Audi A4 Interior and Redesign
2002 Audi A4 Interior and Redesign

The theme on the inside the A4 is cool and efficient, as it is in Audi’s other sedans, instead of deliberately snazzy in vogue of the TT. Supplies appearance and feel richer as opposed to those in several cars in this price range, and clip fits thoroughly. A dense, grippy, leather-protected steering wheel and change handle are common, with an option of textile or leatherette (vinyl) upholstery. The cabin beltline is decorated with aluminum in the 1.8T and real wooden in the 3.0.

2002 Audi A4 Driving

We experimented with all of the new A4s in the gorgeous Natural Mountain ranges, where the twisting roads ascend up and down and are seldom blocked by visitors. Yet we expended the most amount of time in the sportiest and-as in typically the scenario-most high-priced variant: the A4 3.0 Quattro. It had been a pleasant, completely gratifying encounter.

Audi’s new 3.0-liter V6 is a big development (however the old 1 was previously excellent), and yes it makes the A4 one particular of the more powerful cars in the course. Displacement has become elevated 200 cubic centimeters. The new aluminum engine obstruct is produced employing the most recent casting technology for max durability and strength, and Audi continues to be the only deluxe carmaker with sophisticated 5-device-for each-tube technology all over its product or service collection. The company says the new 3.0-liter engine is a lot more gasoline-efficient and cleaner than the old 2.8-liter engine, allowing the 3.0 to generate California’s Extremely Lower Emissions Vehicle qualification. Horsepower boosts by 30 to 220 at 6300 rpm, while torque increases by 14 to 221 weight-ft. For comparing, the BMW 330i and Mercedes C320 make 225 horsepower, 214 weight-ft of torque, and 215 hp, 229 pounds-ft, correspondingly.

2002 Audi A4 Owners Manual