2017 Toyota Highlander Owners Manual

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2017 Toyota Highlander Owners Manual – The Toyota Highlander is a secure and easy-driving midsize crossover with a few series of seats, regular front side-tire travel but available with all-time generate. It’s significantly more prominent than the RAV4 however, not durable like the 4Runner.

It was previously remodeled in 2014, however for 2017 Highlander is provided with a facelift, a lot more power, a new 8-speed transmission, plus more higher-technology safety features. Additionally, it becomes some much more USB plug-ins, for an overall of 5 various. The next row remains to be very small.

2017 Toyota Highlander Owners Manual and Concept
2017 Toyota Highlander Owners Manual and Concept

There is a new sporty Highlander SE, with a firmer revocation and 19-inch rims, so the journey is more firm and much less sleek. The Highlander Hybrid is now available in lower LE and XLE trims

2017 Toyota Highlander Model Lineup

The 2017 Highlander lineup contains the new SE, LE, LE Plus, XLE, Limited, and Limited Platinum models. The Hybrid comes as LE, XLE, Minimal and Constrained Platinum.

2017 Toyota Highlander Exterior

The new nasal area (grille and headlamps) is a lot more aggressive without being special. The old grille was better and subtler, and more typically Toyota-SUV-molded. It is hard to explain to the Highlander from your other SUV on the road now. Without a doubt, it appears a good deal more significant than what could be regarded mid-size. Its size and square outlines will make it look a lot more like a truck-centered SUV than a comfortable crossover.

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The grille is angular, metallic on reduce clip models, black on the new SE, and platinum on the Limiteds. It protrudes, adding 1.3 ins to the Highlander’s presently extended size. The Restricted model has lighting that spells the term Highlander on the ground, and appearance chillier than it appears.

2017 Toyota Highlander Interior

The tool panel merely has a tiny bit of truck in it, that goes out with the significant touchscreen on some models. Despite the fact that the environmental control still uses large easy knobs. The large gauges are a welcome view.

2017 Toyota Highlander Interior and Redesign
2017 Toyota Highlander Interior and Redesign

2017 Toyota Highlander Driving

The base engine is 2.7 liters and 185 hp with 184 pound-ft . of torque. It is smooth and meaty on some cylinders. However it brings excessive bodyweight in the Highlander, and the transmission is only a six-speed. Velocity is reasonable but anxious if pushed. Neglect it for towing, rated at a sheer 1500 kilos.

The new V6 must be the call. Its figures operate with the very best V6s in the school, starting with 5000-lb towing. The turbocharged Ford Flex and V8 Dodge Durango are more rapidly, but that’s not everything.

2017 Toyota Highlander Owners Manual